Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disney World...Heaven?

I wear many hats in my job. This particular morning at church, I was leading preschool worship. Imagine old school children’s church with a techno beat, a talking rat, and a funny man with an accent slipping back and forth between French and German, and you’re sort of there. Then picture me wearing a Britney Spears old school mic and dancing around loving life. I am never more in my element than I am on the stage in Gigl. Gigl- Growing in God’s Love. I really am 5 on the inside. This particular morning, I got to talk about Disney World in worship. One of my favorite topics to discuss. I ran out on stage-

Me: GUESS where I got to go!

Mr. Gigl: The store?

Me: NO! Guess again!

Mr. Gigl: The zoo?!


Mr. Gigl: I give up.

A child in the audience: Disney World???

Me: wide-eyed and thrilled that he guessed it- YES! DISNEY WORLD!!! It’s my most favorite place on the planet! I’ve been 11 times! I love it there. When I walk in I’m like- WEEEEE! I dramatically act out my entrance into the gates of the Magic Kingdom- The flowers shaped like Mickey- ahhhh! Main Street- ooooo! THE CASTLE!!!!!

The children are so dialed in.

I love it. I talk about it at least once a day. I know all about it! I’ve studied maps, I’ve learned all the songs, I dream about it, and when I get back home, I talk about it to everyone who will listen! Go ahead- ask me anything about Disney World- I will know the answer!

Mr. Gigl: You are awfully excited about Disney World Miss Kara.


Mr. Gigl: I know a place that’s even better than Disney World...

And just like that- we’ve painted a realistic picture of what Heaven will be like for four and five year olds. A place they dream of going! A place with no cares and worries! A place where you would NEVER cry! The best place they can possibly imagine. (Of course, there will be no lines or wait times in Heaven... but work with me here, people.) BETTER THAN DISNEY WORLD?! You better believe it. I can’t imagine a place on earth that could feel more like Heaven than Disney World. Yeah, yeah, yeah- I hear you out there- Colorado! (My second most favorite place to be...) The Swiss Alps! Bora Bora! And while these are all amazing places- nowhere makes me FEEL the way Disney World does. Perhaps it’s that I’ve been going since I was a little girl. Just walking up to the entrance is like stepping out of a time machine and into my childhood. Everything together makes for the most magical, euphoric experience. Everyone’s smiling! There are characters walking right next to you! Music is playing out of the rocks! (which reminds me of a Bible verse...) People from every culture! (every tribe and EVERY nation) No matter how old you are, you feel like a child. And everyone is smiling. And let me tell you what’s happened since we came home!! At least every other day, I will walk in from putting Lydia to sleep, and be still my beating heart-

Logan: I want to go back to Disney World.

Me: WHAT?!?!? He loves it! I love it! Lydia loves it! (I know. She won’t remember it. But I will!)

At dinner with some of our bff’s the other night- he was actually trying to CONVINCE the other daddy to take his girls to Disney World!!

Me: WHAAA?!?!?! This man who thought he was giving ME a Christmas present, ended up discovering the most magical place on earth and loving it almost as much as I do! My life is complete. As Jacky said when I was packing to leave, “It’s like the princess is going home.” I wish.


  1. Love this! And Kara you are the BEST at your job! :-)

  2. Tell Logan that I am counting on him to convince Taylor about the wonders of Disney World to help fulfill my dream:

    The Lees + The Inces - Disney World Paris 2012